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Ankle Sprains

Injuries to your ankle, like rolling or twisting, are known as ankle sprains.

Ankle sprains are usually injuries to the ankle’s ligaments. Ankle ligaments provide stability by helping hold the bones of the ankle joint in position for use. The most commonly injured ligaments are the three ligaments on the outer side of the ankle – the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular ligament, and the posterior talofibular ligament. The medial deltoid ligaments, found in the inside of the ankle joint, can also be injuried.

Causes of Injury

There are three very common ways you might sprain your ankle:

  1. Rolling the foot inward (inversion), is a common sprain referred to as a Lateral Ankle Sprain.
  2. Rolling the foot outward (eversion) is referred to a Medial Ankle Sprain.
  3. Abrupt outward twisting of the foot, injuring the joining ligaments of the tibia and fibula, typically known as “high ankle sprains.” These sprains are more commonly found  in sports injuries.


Symptoms of Sprained Ankles

 With an ankle sprain you’ll feel tenderness, pain, weakness, and experience swelling and limited range of motion. When dealing with a sprain it’s also common to develop a slight limp , you should consult a Foot and Ankle specialist to assess the extent of injury.

Sprain Treatment Options

Without proper treatment, the ankle ligaments may heal in a weakened position, or not at all. This can lead to chronic ankle instability, with frequent re-injuries and pain. Arthritis can also develop in the ankle as a result of ligament damage.

Treatment often involves stabilising the foot to restore the correct anatomical position of the ankle ligaments. Depending on which ligaments are injured, and the severity of the damage, our clinicians and  physiotherapist can provide you with an ankle brace, splint, or boot to stabilize your ankle.

Other injuries to your bones, tendons, or nerves as a result of your sprain can usually be addressed alongside any ligament treatment. Surgical repairs are only performed when the affected ligaments or associated injuries are severe, or when healing does not proceed as expected.

Ankle Stabilisation procedures can also be performed for patients with Chronic Ankle Instability to help prevent frequent sprains and re-injuries. . Here at Prestige Healthcare we have access to many orthopaedic professionals based in London to whom we can refer complex cases.

Early evaluation and treatment of your sprain is essential for restoring foot and ankle health, and the quickest return to normal activities.

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